9g inprint handgun safe

The 9G Inprint Biometric Pistol Safe is one of the options that are readily available for someone in need of a gun safe. Buying such a safe can be a bit tasking.  When looking for a handgun and pistol safe, the 9G Inprint works very well. The safe is designed to provide a secure place [...]

gunvault mvb500 biometric pistol safe

Many Americans, rely on guns to keep their homes and families safe from the threats and dangers all around them. Doing so also requires storing the guns in a responsible way; thus the need for finding the best biometric handgun safe model. With state and federal laws requiring you to keep your guns locked up [...]

barska biometric safe

There are many reasons people want, and need safes; so learning about the best biometric safe brands and models before making a purchase makes good sense. Whether you need to keep valuables safe, store important documents or just to keep things out of eye-line of other people when it has nothing to do with them [...]

gunvault speedvault svb500 safe

Guns are finding their way into many households, as a safeguard for the family, or even for hobbies but it’s important to know when to keep it locked away and safe. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a biometric gun lock and here we try to make sure you pick [...]

fingertec biometric time-system ac100c

Looking to upgrade your employee management systems? Tired of the old time punch cards? Then you should upgrade to a biometric time clock. Whether your business is large or small, the use of a time clock biometric system can make employee management much simpler. With the advances in biometric technology, punching in and out could [...]

sesamee k436 4 dial bottom- esettable combination brass padlock

Want to know which one is right for you?  Biometric and keyless padlocks solve the problem of lost keys with regular padlocks.  They offer more security and can be used for a variety of lockers and other lockable objects. No more cutting off locks because the key was lost or broke off in the lock.  [...]

samsung exon fingerprint digital door lock shs 5230

Today, as technology is continuing to evolve, we have biometric door locks that not only offer tighter and better security for your home than any traditional door lock ever could, it makes your life so much easier and efficient. No more rummaging through purses, suitcases or knapsacks for that ever illusive house key or forgetting [...]

Viking security 12bl biometric fingerprint wall safe

When it comes to securing your valuables, nothing beats a biometric wall safe. Biometrics is the latest in security advancement and offers the best protection in a user-friendly silicon sensor. Since no two fingerprints are alike, biometric wall safes are the way to go. Protecting your valuables could not be easier. Wall safes fit neatly [...]

verifi p2000 premium fingerprint reader

Internet security has always been focused on passwords.  The stronger the password, the stronger the security of important sensitive information. However, passwords has become problematic.  Either we forget them or they are just not strong enough to keep hackers out. Learn how you can use the best biometric fingerprint reader to enhance online and PC security here. [...]

Barska quick access rifle safe

Every gun owner knows the importance of safely storing weapons. Because of accidental shootings in the home, gun laws require the locking up of all guns. Not all gun safes are created equal and some have still been easily opened by children. A biometric rifle safe uses fingerprint identification or other biological identification for easy [...]

Biometric security is defined as a security measure that grants access to a system or facility by both authentication and verification of someone’s unique characteristics or traits. It comes in many forms such as a fingerprint, iris, hand, voice, and other unique features. It is mainly used when security is vitally important to prevent unauthorized [...]