Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews – A Top 5 List

Guns are finding their way into many households, as a safeguard for the family, or even for hobbies but it’s important to know when to keep it locked away and safe. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a biometric gun lock and here we try to make sure you pick the very best biometric gun safe for your specific needs.
Unlike other locks, the biometric gun safe can only be opened by people who already have permission by using their fingerprint. This stops unwanted or little hands getting hold of the gun and causing damage. With so many models on the market, it’s hard to decide which the best biometric gun safe is. Do you want a biometric wall gun safe? Should you get a large biometric gun safe? The big question, of course, is who makes the best biometric gun safe? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of biometric gun safes and made reviews to ensure that you can find honest, unbiased opinions on a select choice of products that are fighting for the best biometric gun safe slot. We have reviewed the following models below:
  • The GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe
  • Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500
  • GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000
  • 9G INPRINT Biometric Handgun Safe
  • GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Review

The GunVault SpeedVault is one of the contenders on the current market. It’s small, compact and you can mount it near enough anywhere whether that be on a wall, under a desk or near your bed. Due to its size, it’s best for holding handguns and keeping them out of view. The Gunvault SpeedVault is designed to be a quick access biometric gun safe, with a quick draw feature so that you can get to your gun easily in emergencies without any delays. The SpeedVault biometric gun safe is capable of storing 120 fingerprints, meaning that everyone that should have access to your gun is able to gain access without needing to wait for you to unlock your biometric gun lock. It also comes with a light inside that activates once you open it, allowing you to see what you’re grabbing if the lighting is low or it’s late at night when you reach for your gun. As well as gaining access by your fingerprint, it comes with an override lock. This can be useful if you have ever forgotten to charge the battery and is supposed to be used as back up to gain access quickly without panic. This gives you the assurance that even if something does go wrong or you’re unable to use your fingerprint to unlock your gun safe, you’re not without access. This particular biometric gun lock requires a 9 vault battery in order to operate and it will alert you when it is low so you can avoid a situation where the power is dead. There isn’t much room inside, only snug enough to fit your gun and possibly a mounted light depending on the dimensions which will mean you need to store your accessories somewhere else but for this type of safe that is actually fine. The main purpose of the SpeedVault is to give you quick access to your gun in case of an emergency.

GunVault MicroVault XL MVB1000

This particular biometric gun lock is a little bigger than the last one we listed with space to keep other important valuables as well as your gun. This can include accessories for the gun so that everything is compact and together. Due to the size of the product, this one isn’t designed to be mounted but can snugly fit within a dresser drawer or even on top of your nightstand without any stress and because it requires a fingerprint to gain access, you don’t need to worry about it being out in the open and viable to other people in the home. It’s protected against generic hand tools, meaning that it’s impossible to break open in this manner, giving an extra layer of security to your gun. The inside is padded too to avoid any damage happening. Inside the main compartment there are no straps or ties to hold your gun in place, so if it’s not packed carefully, this could cause a problem when you’re transporting the product. The product can also hold 120 individual fingerprints, allowing everyone who needs access to get it. Once it’s scanned your fingerprints, you merely pop open the lid and you’re able to get quick access to your gun without an issue. It’s also another safe to feature an over-ride key, meaning that if you find you’re unable to use your fingerprint, you have a back-up option to ensure that you can get to your gun in sufficient time without the stress of trying to replace the battery.

9G INPRINT Biometric Handgun Safe

The 9G INPRINT biometric handgun safe is designed to keep your pistols and handguns safe with minimal effort on your part. It’s got space for your guns as well as a little bit extra to store other important documents or valuables, allowing you to keep everything you might need safe and reduce the risk of you losing them accidently. As well as the safe being battery powered, it also comes with an A/C adapter, reducing the risk of a dead battery in an emergency and allows you to run it off your mains power. Unlike the other two safes that we’ve already listed, this one is only capable of holding up to fifteen prints meaning that you need to decide with a little more judgement who should be able to access your safe whenever they want. The safe itself is pretty small, allowing for it to be mounted on a wall to keep it out of the way and to make it more compatible with your home. It comes with the mounting plate too which you can install if you decide that you want it. One thing to remember is that if your finger print does not read, there will be a few seconds delay before you’re able to try again. Which means you must ensure that you get a clear scan of your fingerprint registered when you first use the safe. As otherwise this can really impede you if you need to get to your gun fast.

GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault

A slightly smaller safe, the GunVault is designed to be compact and portable, meaning that you can safely transport your guns without worrying about them getting damaged during movement. The safe itself is padded to insure the least damage, even if the gun is left rattling around inside. As with nearly all GunVault safes, it comes with access keys so that you can get to your gun if you need to in an emergency and you’re unable to use the fingerprint scanner. The safe is battery powered and can last around a year with proper care and normal use. It will also warn you when the battery is getting low so that you can replace it and never be caught short by it. You’re able to store fifteen fingerprints in this one, so make sure you know who you want to have access and delegate it wisely to avoid important people being missed out. The inside is lit up once you open the lid too, allowing you to see what’s in the safe if you’re reaching in late at night, meaning that you can instantly spot what you need to grab. It can also be mounted against a hard surface, allowing you to put it somewhere that makes sense to you – be that on your bedside, under your desk or somewhere high up where small hands can’t grab hold of it and try and gain access.

The GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe

This is one of the safes that looks least like a safe out of all the ones on our list. It’s a little more refined, allowing you to get away with placing it anywhere and not making it obvious what it is that you’re hiding away. It’s small, making it perfect to keep in the home on the bedside table and you can even mount it if you desire, giving you much more storage options. It can run both off battery or it can be plugged in for a constant power supply. With battery, there is a little bit of a delay and sometimes it’s not powerful enough to completely detect the fingerprint but if you have it plugged in then it’s definitely no problem at all. It can hold multiple fingerprints, but it also has accessories that you can buy separately to offer another layer of security. Either a bracelet or a ring can be purchased and you can decide whether you need those to open the safe, just a fingerprint or both together to give optimum security and stop people accessing your gun when you’re not there and don’t want them to have access. It also has a fail-safe in case there’s ever a problem with the power supply, or you lose the bracelet or ring if that’s the option you choose. There’s a screw in the bottom that, if you follow the instructions, can help you gain access to the safe. This doesn’t make it a security risk however, its intelligent design is used to ensure you’re always safe.

And the best biometric gun safe is:

All five of the safes that we’ve mentioned before have the same aims at heart: to be a safe that you can rely on to keep your guns safe and to stop people getting their hands on them when you don’t want them to. Each one requires a fingerprint – a unique way of identifying the person who is trying to open the safe. Out of all the options that we’ve given you, the two that we’d recommend the most are:
  • The GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe
  • Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500
These two are the most user-friendly, keeping space and safety in mind as they provide you somewhere to keep your gun to make sure that you’re safe and that you can get to it quickly. They also seem to be the most reliable. While they both carry a heavy price tag, they’re definitely worth the purchase and are designed to last for years to cone, allowing you to get your money’s worth from it.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re here, reading this through and you’ve made it to the end, then you’re obviously looking for a gun safe – or at the very least, you want information on what is out there for future knowledge – but there’s definitely no point in waiting. Buying it now means that you’re securing your family from accidents, especially if there are young children involved, and making sure you still have immediate access to your guns without having to search around for when you’ve hidden it now to keep it out of view. Each of the safes that we’ve listed have brilliant qualities about them and there’s definitely no reason for you to wait to buy one. They’re easily purchased online, too, meaning that you don’t even have to leave your home so go ahead and buy the best biometric gun safe for your home now!