9G Inprint Biometric Pistol Safe Review

Safety First with the 9G Inprint Biometric Fingerprint Biometric Handgun and Pistol Safe

The 9G Inprint Biometric Pistol Safe is one of the options that are readily available for someone in need of a gun safe. Buying such a safe can be a bit tasking.  When looking for a handgun and pistol safe, the 9G Inprint works very well. The safe is designed to provide a secure place to store your firearms.
Every gun owner has the responsibility to make sure that their firearm is kept safely. This is especially crucial in a house that has children. A biometric safe is the best way to make sure that handguns and pistols are stored away safely.
One thing to note though is that not every safe would work. There are some safes that can easily be accessed. This is dangerous with kids around. This particular safe requires a fingerprint scan to allow access. This means that only the prints that have been programmed into the safe can be used to open it. This makes it a safer option, so to speak. A gun owner wouldn’t have to worry about someone guessing the code or something.

Why Choose the 9G Inprint Biometric Pistol Safe

The 9G Inprint Biometric Pistol Safe comes with a quality fingerprint lock. The device can hold up to 15 fingerprints with a 1/100,000 fake acceptance rate. This really is very high when compared to the competition which is 1/3,000 – 1/6,000 making this product the best in the market.


  • Immediate Access 3rd Generation Capabilities
  • Single Finger and Active Scanning Operation
  • Stores up to 15 Fingerprints
  • Rubber Feet
  • Very Soft Interior Foam Lining
  • Biometric Capabilities
  • 9-Volt Battery

Simple operation and convenience

Entering the prints into the safe is easy enough. There is nothing complicated to it. It takes only a few minutes to do all that. The interface has been made simple enough to allow for an easy set up process. You also get to decide whose prints can be added. This gives you better control on who has access to the safe. You wouldn’t have to worry about your children messing with the contents of the safe when you are not around. The 9G Inprint is the best biometric pistol safe. Besides providing you with easy use, it is also convenient. This is because it can be mounted on any flat surface. You can have it mounted in your closet, cabinet or even in the car. This provides you with more convenience. You can have the safe anywhere you choose. With this feature, you have so many options on where to hide the safe. You can find a place where it can’t be seen easily. This way you would be the only one who knows where your handgun is hidden. This is a huge advantage especially in case of intruders. You can mount the safe somewhere that is not easy to spot.

Storing other valuables

The 9G Inprint Biometric Fingerprint Biometric Handgun and Pistol Safe can also be used to store other valuables. Besides your firearms, there are a lot of things that you need to keep safe. This particular one can provide for that. It could be jewelry or money or documents. Whatever it is, you can keep it safe. The safe provides an adequate measure of security that most valuables need. You could also have the safe installed in your place of work. There are so many things that need to be kept safe. This particular equipment allows for that. The biometric feature of the safe assures you that your valuables are safe enough.

Quick access

When looking for a quick access biometric safe, the 9G Inprint should be at the top of the list. One of the best features of the safe is its quick access. It takes a few seconds to open the safe. The easy operation allows for this. If you need to get to the contents of you safe as fast as possible, then this safe allows for that. A situation may come up when you need to reach your handgun as fast as you can. With the 9G Inprint, you can do that in just about 3 few seconds. If the safe has the A/C adaptor, the access is almost instantaneous.

Safety in the home

Gun safety is something that everyone should be responsible for. Anyone with a firearm should make sure that its kept safe at all times. There are too many accidents that can happen if a firearm is not kept safe. This is why getting a suitable place to keep it is paramount. The 9G INPRINT biometric fingerprint handgun and pistol safe provides just that. The fingerprint reader on the safe offers reliability and accuracy. This is more than can be said for some biometric safes. Only the fingerprints that have been programmed into the safe can access it.