The Best Biometric Padlocks vs. the Best Keyless Padlocks

Trying to decide between a biometric padlock and a keyless padlock?

Want to know which one is right for you? 

Biometric and keyless padlocks solve the problem of lost keys with regular padlocks.  They offer more security and can be used for a variety of lockers and other lockable objects. No more cutting off locks because the key was lost or broke off in the lock. Whether you are using it to lock gym or school lockers or to keep something safe, finding the right padlock is important. 

So which is better-biometric or keyless? Let’s find out!

We have reviewed 6 different top models, four biometric and two keyless padlocks.  The 6 are listed below.
  • Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Connection, Metal Waterproof
  • Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Lock, Mobile APP, MEGAFEIS Smart Padlock with Keyless Biometric, Water Resistant, Suitable for Gym, Sports, Bike, School, Fence and Storage
  • iFingerlock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock
  • Talon Locks MR60-1TB Indoor/Outdoor Biometric Padlock
  • Sesamee K436 4 Dial Bottom Resettable Combination Brass Padlock with 1-inch Hardened Steel Shackle and 10,000 Potential Combinations
  • Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own Combination 2-inch Padlock

Let the battle of the padlocks begin

Our Current Top Recommendations

The only Biometric Padlock we can recommend now are listed below (and they are pretty darn good if you ask us).

The Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Connection Metal Waterproof, Suitable for House Door, Suitcase, Backpack, Gym, Bike, Office, APP is Suitable for Android/iOS, Support USB Charging
– The Fingerprint Padlock, Smart Padlock APP No Registration Needed, Water Resistant, MEGAFEIS Bluetooth Lock with Keyless Biometric Suitable for Gym, Sports, Bike, School, Cabinet and Storage(Black)

iFingerlock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock Review

iFingerlock Fingerprint locks up your valuables and yet gives easy access by a swipe of your finger.  The zinc alloy body with a stainless steel shackle provides great durability and is tamper-resistant.  For indoor use only, this biometric padlock can be used for school and gym lockers, file cabinets, tool boxes, and other lockable items. The padlock requires no computer.  It can store up to 10 fingerprints, one administrator and nine others.  Temporary access can be granted as well.  Deleting one fingerprint will completely reset the lock.  Prints will need to be re-entered into the biometric system. The provided USB key can delete any unwanted fingerprints from the biometric padlock system.  Just plug the USB key into the bottom access port to manage your recorded fingerprints. Battery-powered, the 2 AAA batteries, not included, fit in the bottom of the lock.  Access to the batteries require a small Philips screwdriver. The iFingerlock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock has three separate automated keys.  The start-up key looks like a USB key.  The set-up key can be found on the bottom of the padlock.  The stand-by key is on the front of the biometric padlock. Once the padlock is set up, all it takes is a simple swipe of your finger.  No more lost or stolen keys to worry over. The biometric system means only the registered fingerprints will gain access to your locked items.  Its study body and stainless steel shackle makes it virtually tamper proof.  What more can you ask for?

Talon Locks MR60-1TB Indoor/Outdoor Biometric Padlock Review

This indoor/outdoor padlock has many features.  The zinc body and steel locking mechanisms offer a security that many padlocks do not offer.  The water-proof padlock allows you to use it outside as well as indoors, increasing its versatility. The compartments that hold the batteries and the control access doors are sealed with water-resistant materials to prevent corrosion and rust. Powered by two AAA batteries, not included, you simply swipe your finger across the sensor to unlock it. User-friendly, set-up is easy and quick. The biometric system can hold up to 10 fingerprints, one administrator and 9 others.  A USB key is provided as an alternative key. Each USB key is unique to each individual biometric padlock. The sensor is a semiconductor slide with a 500 DPI fingerprint resolution.  The scanner field size is 124 x 8 pixels.  The false rejection rate is 1/100.  The false acceptance rate is 1/1,000,000.  This means less swiping to get the padlock open. No more worries over lost or stolen padlock keys.  The biometric system increases the security of your valuables with your own unique fingerprints.  The hardened metal shackle makes it resistant to prying and sawing.  You can change the accessibility at any time with the provided USB key.  The same key helps to reload the fingerprints you want.  Add other people or use your own fingerprints to manage the system. Use the padlock outside to lock up shed doors or toolboxes or for added security on gates.  Use it inside for gym or school lockers or to lock up file cabinets.

Non-biometric keyless padlock alternatives

Sesamee K436 4 Dial Bottom Resettable Combination Brass Padlock

(with 1-inch Hardened Steel Shackle and 10,000 Potential Combinations)

Since our fingerprints become less defined as we age, non-biometric keyless padlocks can be the solution.  The Sesamee K436 4 Dial Bottom Resettable Combination Brass Padlock uses a combination lock instead of a biometric system.  The solid brass body and brass internal mechanisms make it more durable than most combination locks. Because of the brass construction, this keyless padlock can be use indoor and outdoor. It has four numbered dials and 10 numbers on each dial.  This allows you the choice of 10,000 potential combinations.  Unlike standard combination padlocks, you can change the combination any time you wish.  Since the numbers can be reset to zero, this keyless padlock can easily be unlocked in the dark.  Just count back from the stops and you can put in your combination code without any light. Tough, durable, and a combination that does not slip, the Sesamee K436 4 Dial Bottom Resettable Combination Brass Padlock with 1-inch Hardened Steel Shackle and 10,000 Potential Combinations has a 10-year replacement warranty available so you never have to buy another combination lock.  This lock can be used on luggage, briefcases, file cabinets as well as any outdoor area you need to secure with a combination padlock.

Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own Combination 2-inch Padlock Review

Another great keyless padlock to use indoors, this Master Lock 653D allows you to set your own combination any time you need to change it.  This 2-inch metal lock is durable and tough.  It can withstand the roughest abuse and is pry-resistant. The ¼-inch shackle is made from hardened steel and nickel-plated.  This makes it cut resistant as well. This keyless padlock arrives pre-set at 0000.  Just align the dials on the side to this combination and it opens. The chrome dials are movable in the front and are also displayed in the side window for easy viewing.   The soft materials covering the side and bottom come in a variety of colors. The four chrome dials spin easily for those who have difficulty with their hands due to arthritis or other disabilities. Resetting the combination is easy.  Two indentations can be found on the metal shaft:  one at 6 o’clock and one at 9 o’clock.  Turn the lock shaft to line up with the indention at 6 o’clock.  Push down the lock shaft and turn it to the 9 o’clock indentation until it locks into place.  You can now set your new combination. This keyless combination lock is a great alternative to biometric padlocks.

Sesamee KCR0436 Chrome Plated Marine Padlock Review

Last but not least on our review list is another keyless combination padlock.  The Sesamee KCR0436 Chrome Plated Marine Padlock has 10,000 possible 4-digit combinations.  What makes this keyless padlock different is the ability to work in salt air climates. The chrome-plated hardened steel shackle makes it saw-resistant.  The double locking shackle gives the lock extra protection against prying.  Corrosive-resistant, the solid brass body is chrome-plated.  This makes it ideal for areas exposed to sea spray and salt air. Another feature of the Sesamee KCR0436 allows this keyless padlock to be opened even in the dark.  Just count back from the stops and you can use your combination without any light.  The easy turning dials make this padlock user-friendly.  At three inches long, this product with its brass internal mechanisms and corrosive-resistant body comes with a lifetime warranty. You can use this padlock to lock up your tackle boxes or tool kits.  Since it is great for the outdoors, you can use it in other places you need some added security without ever losing or misplacing another key. Rest easy knowing you can reset your combination at any time and as many times as you want.  What else could you want?

And the winner is….

So there you have reviews of both the biometric and keyless padlocks.  So which made the grade? When it comes to versatility, the Talon Locks MR60-1TB Indoor/Outdoor Biometric Padlock wins.  The biometric system gives added security while allowing you to use it both indoors and outdoors.  Its low rejection rate and slide sensor make this biometric padlock user-friendly.  Water-resistant, this lock is more durable than most other biometric locks and is also pry-resistant. Because of this, the Talon Locks MR60-1TB Indoor/Outdoor Biometric is the best biometric padlock. The iFingerlock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock may only be for indoors but has the added security of a biometric system. The slide system requires no light to find the dials of the keyless combination locks.  It also remembers your fingerprints so you do not have to remember complicated combination codes.  User-friendly, no computer is required.  A USB key is provided to delete or replace fingerprints. This padlock can hold up to 10 fingerprints. As we age, our fingerprints become less detailed.  This causes a problem with most biometric padlocks.  But there is always an alternative.  Keyless padlocks can offer the same security as biometrics.  For indoor use, you cannot go wrong with the Sesamee K436 4 Dial Bottom Resettable Combination Brass Padlock with 1-inch Hardened Steel Shackle and 10,000 Potential Combinations.  This product gives you both security and durability in one small package.  The Master Lock 653D Set-Your-Own Combination 2-inch Padlock is also a great product.  The dials are easy to move and you can make your own combinations as often as you like. If you are looking for an indoor/outdoor combination padlock, then the Sesamee KCR 0436 Chrome Plated Marine Padlock fits the bills.  When you need protection from the salt air or sea spray, this keyless padlock will do that and more.  Easy to set combinations and a lifetime warranty make this a great choice for locking up outside items.

Need we say more?

Whatever your needs, now you have the information you were looking for.  You now know the best in biometric and keyless padlocks.  Stop losing or misplacing keys.  Stop cutting off locks. Protect your valuables with one of these great products. So get out there and get one.