Biometric Rifle Safe vs Keyless Rifle Safe – Which is Better

The Battle of the Best Biometric Rifle Safes and the Best Keyless Rifle Safes

Every gun owner knows the importance of safely storing weapons. Because of accidental shootings in the home, gun laws require the locking up of all guns.

Not all gun safes are created equal and some can still been easily opened by children.

A biometric rifle safe uses fingerprint identification or other biological identification for easy access. Some non-biometric safes work just as well. Keyless, non-biometric safes use combinations to allow access.
These electronic rifle safes can be used to safely store your guns and ammo. So which do you find best?
This article will help you choose by comparing four different top model rifle safes.

In our research, we found the four best rifle safes for your money. Two biometric rifle safe reviews and two non-biometric reviews will help you choose the best rifle safe for your particular situation.
The ones we are comparing for you today are :
BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe BARSKA Large Rifle Safe V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42 inch)  Homegear 5 Electronic Gun Safe
BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle Safe V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe

The BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe Review

BARSKA Quick Access Rifle SafeThe first contender in our battle of rifle safes is the BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe.
It is a four-star product and sells online around $300 – check out the best price here

Weighing 66 pounds, it is made from 2 millimeters of solid steel. This makes it tough and durable. Complete with mounting hardware, this biometric rifle safe can be mounted on the floor, to the wall, or both for added stability and protection against theft.

With storage up to 3 rifles and removable storage space for pistols and ammunition, you can safely store your weapons for home defense.

The biometric features allow up to 120 individual fingerprints to be registered for accessibility to the safe. This will prevent anyone from gaining access through theft or accidental access by children. Four AA batteries power the external battery pack with emergency back-up keys included.

Fingerprint scanner care and maintenance requires very little work and ensures the safety of your weapons in your home. Wiping the scanner after each use with a dry cloth will remove smudges or prints.

Every six months, fingerprints should be tested to ensure accessibility. Since this biometric rifle safe is battery-operated, three repetitive beeps along with a red light will warn you when the batteries are low.

To make sure this purchase is the one for you, Amazon gives a 30 day customer guarantee. Afterward, you have a limited one year warranty against product or manufacturing defects.

BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle Safe Review

BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle SafeAnother four-star product, the BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle Safe is a good chpice for many – check out the best price here.

A heavier steel rifle safe, this product weighs 114 pounds. Nearly five foot tall and over a foot wide, this safe offers more storage space. For added security and stability, this large biometric rifle safe can be mounted to the floor or wall.

Larger than the Quick Access Rifle Safe, this one can hold up to 6 rifles comfortably. Its thick padding will prevent any damage to your rifles. This safe offers more storage space with removable shelves and a removable door rack for handguns and pistols.

Since security is a top priority, this rifle safe has five deadbolts locks engaged by a biometric fingerprint system. This security system allows up to 120 programmable users. Four AA batteries are included. A red light will flash when the battery power is low. In the event of battery failure, two back-up keys are provided. The manual lock is hidden away by the logo for extra security.

An added feature is the silent access mode. Whisper silent, you can access your weapons without alerting anyone in the house.

If you purchase this safe on Amazon the product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Once you have decided to keep your new biometric rifle safe, a limited warranty will be available. This one year warranty protects against manufacturer defects and defective parts.

V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe  Review

V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun SafeThe V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe can be an alternative to a biometric rifle safe. One of the top runners of keyless safes, this gun safe is very popularn online and earned a 5 star rating on Amazon – get the best price here.

Under 4 feet tall and weighing around 25 pounds, this compact safe is sturdy, durable, and a great place for weapon storage. It can hold 1-2 weapons. Its steel construction with powder-coat finish protects your weapon.

The clam shell design makes it pry resistant. The compact size of this long gun safe makes for easy mounting in a closet or car trunk. The provided mounting hardware allows you to secure the safe to the floor or wall. This will prevent anyone from trying to steal the safe and provide greater stability of the safe.

The V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe has a pre-set combination. This can be changed on a later date following the guidelines in the instructions manual. For added security, two more locks are provided. One at the top and bottom corners of the door, these locks are manually locked with the two included keys.

Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe Review

Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun SafeAnother alternative to a biometric rifle safe is the Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe. With a four-star rating and a fair price that you can find here – click here for the best current price.

Steel construction, the safe door is 4 millimeters thick while the sides and back are 2 millimeters thick. Under five foot tall, this safe can be safely mounted in a closet.

The Homegear 5 Rifle safe can hold 3-5 rifles. Another feature is an additional locking section for valuables such as jewelry or pistols.  

In the event of someone successfully gaining entry to the safe, you can rest assured that at least some of your valuables will still be inaccessible. Security features include an electronic numeric keypad. This keypad engages 2 deadbolt locking devices. In case you forget your combination, a key is provided as well. The interior locked section also comes with a key for added security. The electronic keypad is powered by four AA batteries. In case of battery failure, the additional key will allow access to the interior.

So, which safe comes out on top?

#1 When it comes to biometric rifle safes, the BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe has a lot to offer gun owners. Its 120 programmable fingerprints in a biometric security system prevents any unauthorized or accidental access. Sturdy construction combined with the mounting hardware prevents thieves from removing the safe from the house. This biometric rifle safe will not hold an arsenal of weapons but will store the ones you need for home defense.

#2 If you prefer something non-biometric, then the V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe is the way to go. Its small, compact size allows the storage of one or two weapons. Its steel construction and clam shell design prevents tampering or forced entry. Battery-operated, the preset combination also comes with manual locks in both corners of the door for added security.

#3 Coming in third, the BARSKA Large Biometric Safe does have its benefits. This larger biometric safe holds more weapons. Its biometric system activates five deadbolt locks for added security. However, this safe may be difficult to mount. Even though it comes fully assembled, loose nuts and parts have been found when the shipment first arrives.

#4 Last but not least, Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic safe is another non-biometric alternative. It offers the same basic features as the V-line, however, it has one major drawback. It has been reported that YouTube has a safe cracking video that even children can use to open this safe. With some minor adjustments, this can however be rectified.

So now you know So there you have it!
Whether you are looking for a non-biometric or biometric rifle safe, you now have the facts. Nothing is more important to a gun owner than the safe storage of weapons.

Whether for hunting or home defense, these rifle safes will make sure to fit your security needs.

Get the best price on your preferred rifle safe  model here

 Rated Best Price Model
 #1  BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe  BARSKA Quick Access Rifle Safe
 #2  V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe  V-line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe
 #3  BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle Safe  BARSKA Large Biometric Rifle Safe
 #4    Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe