Biometric Security

Viking security 12bl biometric fingerprint wall safe

Choose the Best Biometric Wall Safe for your Home or Office When it comes to securing your valuables, nothing beats a biometric wall safe. Biometrics is the latest in security advancement and offers the best protection in a user-friendly silicon sensor. Since no two fingerprints are alike, biometric wall safes are the way to go. [...]

verifi p2000 premium fingerprint reader

Online Security is Important, Very Important! Internet security has always been focused on passwords. The stronger the password, the stronger the security of important sensitive information. However, passwords has become problematic. Either we forget them or they are just not strong enough to keep hackers out. Learn how you can use the best biometric fingerprint [...]

Biometric Security Explained? Biometric security is defined as a security measure that grants access to a system or facility by both authentication and verification of someone’s unique characteristics or traits. It comes in many forms such as a fingerprint, iris, hand, voice, and other unique features. It is mainly used when security is vitally important [...]