Choosing the Best Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Online Security is Important, Very Important!

Internet security has always been focused on passwords. The stronger the password, the stronger the security of important sensitive information. However, passwords has become problematic. Either we forget them or they are just not strong enough to keep hackers out.

Learn how you can use the best biometric fingerprint reader to enhance online and PC security here. Biometric fingerprint readers are the newest to internet security. These readers use your individual fingerprints to gain access to your PC, laptop or even software and online memberships. 

Since fingerprints are unique to each person, it enhances the security of your passwords and personal information.
But with so many models on the market, how do you know which one is the best for you?  Fear not.  We have scoured the internet for the best ones on the market and found three for you to check out.

Verifi P2000 Verifi Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader Eikon Digital Privacy Manager-USB Fingerprint Reader

Verifi P2000 Verifi Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader Review

Often nicely priced on Amazon, this biometric fingerprint reader is a great buy for Windows users.  Encased in a metal housing, the high quality silicon touch sensor is user-friendly. 

Unlike swiper models, you simply press your finger onto the non-optical sensor.

Great tech support and a user-friendly installation menu means you will get a quick start when using this reader. American made, this biometric fingerprint reader can identify multiple prints, maxing out at 10 prints per user or account.

A link for RoboForm Starter Edition password manager is included for free. The free version allows up to 10 passcards. Subscribing to the premium manager will allow unlimited passcards. RoboForm memorizes passwords for you. This means you can create longer, stronger passwords to protect your sensitive personal information.

Verifi P2000 Verifi Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader works only for Windows 7, 8,  8.1 and most likely Windows 10 after a driver update.  It does not work for Windows Vista or Windows XP.  It allows easy login accessibility with a touch of a finger.  No more writing down passwords or trying to remember them.  This fingerprint reader does it all for you. The warranty is another great feature.  Compared to most 30 day warranties, this fingerprint reader gives a year.

Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader

Next on the list is Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Priced a little less than the other P2000 model, this reader is also compatible with Windows 10 users. 

Black and silver, the biometric fingerprint reader is encased in a metal housing for greater stability. This also keeps the sensor from moving when swiping your fingerprint across it. The silicon sensor recognizes 10 fingerprints per user or account.

Simple wiping after each use will keep the sensor working properly and reduce the chances of rejected fingerprints. A long USB cord allows for easy placement.

A RoboForm Starter Edition is also included.  This allows for 10 passcards.  A premium version is available for a small fee that will allow you unlimited passcards. RoboForm makes it easy to log in to your favorite websites, to do online banking, or to other sites requiring passwords.

A driver-based program, this fingerprint reader does not come with a CD to download. Installation is easy.  Plug it into any USB port, download, and follow the simple instructions provided in the manual.  Before you know it, your biometric fingerprint reader will be ready to make your life easier. A great tech support team will be happy to help with any questions or problems you may have.

Eikon Digital Privacy Manager-USB Fingerprint Reader Review

Last but certainly not least is the Eikon Digital Privacy Management-USB Fingerprint Reader. 

This swipe sensor is often offered at a great price on Amazon. Encased in aluminum, this USB reader is great for the home and the office. The best thing about this fingerprint reader is its versatility and its software. It works great for a variety of operating systems. It is compatible not just with Windows 8 and Vista, but it also works with MAC. 

With this product, you can create databases of logins/passwords for websites and programs.  In addition to allowing you to log in to Windows, you can also store your personal credit card information.  Shared computers are no longer a problem.  Each user will have access to their own database.

Unlike other readers that take a picture of your print for identification, Eikon actually scans your fingerprint for verification.  You simply swipe your finger across the silicon scanner to log into your PC or laptop. 

RoboForm is also included like with the other readers. Easy to read instructions and a downloadable CD make installation quick and easy.  Before you know it, you will be using this fingerprint reader with ease.

Drumroll, please. The winner and best biometric fingerprint reader is

…. The Eikon Digital Privacy Management-USB Fingerprint Reader!

All three products are great and they were in close competition for the title of “the best biometric fingerprint reader”, depending on what you need in a fingerprint reader.

#1 The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager-USB Fingerprint Reader gives you more bang for the buck.  It is compatible with most Windows operating systems and also MAC operating systems.  It offers the same features as the other two but you just cannot beat the versatility and the tech support it offers.

#2 Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader for WIN 7 & WIN 8 is another great product but also exclusively for Windows (7, 8, and 10).  It works just as well as the other biometric fingerprint readers and costs less than the others.   Unlike the first fingerprint reader, you swipe instead of pressing your finger onto the sensor.

#3 Verifi P2000 Verifi Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader for WIN 7 & WIN 8/8.1 is great if you only have either Windows 7 or 8.  If you upgrade your operating systems or would like to use another operating system, a separate reader will be needed.

Don’t wait for an engraved invitation. Biometric fingerprint readers are today’s solution to internet privacy.  With the latest technological advances, these readers make it easy to log in and protect your personal information at the same time.

You have the information you need to make an informed decision, so what are you waiting for?

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