The 3 Best Biometric Wall Safe Models Reviewed

Choose the Best Biometric Wall Safe for your Home or Office

When it comes to securing your valuables, nothing beats a biometric wall safe.

Biometrics is the latest in security advancement and offers the best protection in a user-friendly silicon sensor. Since no two fingerprints are alike, biometric wall safes are the way to go.

Protecting your valuables could not be easier. Wall safes fit neatly between two wall studs and can even be hidden from view – read on to learn more about the best biometric wall safe models.

But which biometric safes are the best? Have no fear. We have done the research for you and found three top-of-the-line biometric wall safes for your consideration. By the end of these reviews, you will be able to make an informed decision based on our thorough research.

We have chosen three great biometric wall safes to review. All three have unique features and offer the best in biometric security.

  • Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-18142)
  • Barska Biometric Wall Safe
  • Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe

Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-18142) Review

This small biometric wall safe is perfect for safely storing your jewelry, money, or even a small handgun.

Its fingerprint locking system makes it more burglary resistant.The biometric system allows the scanning of multiple fingerprints and has an override key for back-up. The wall safe is secured with two heavy duty motorized chrome deadbolts.

To operate your biometric wall safe, simply press the scan button. A beep will sound along with a red light, telling you to swipe your finger across the silicon sensor. Once the light turns green, the safe door will open. The beeps can be turned off for silent access to your wall safe. Four AAA batteries operate your biometric fingerprint safe and are included with the safe.

This small biometric wall safe is easy to install. It fits between 16” wall studs with a metal flange to cover the hole. This prevents the extra work of spackling and trimming the edges of the hole. The safe interior is lined with high quality velvet to protect your valuables.

The ideal place to store your valuables is in a bank’s safety deposit box. But when you need regular access to your valuables, a biometric wall safe is the next best thing.

Barska Biometric Wall Safe Review

The best safe is one not seen. The Barska Biometric Wall Safe does just that and more.

This biometric safe fits neatly between 13 3/4” wall studs and is 3 ½ “deep. Pre-drilled anchor points make installation quick and easy. A floor mat is included with the wall safe. It can easily be hidden by pictures, mirrors, or furniture.

The biometric system can record up to 120 different fingerprints. This allows access only to those who you allow to activate the safe. A manual override lock is hidden behind the Barska logo in case of battery failure. The four AA batteries can last up to two years.

The Barska Biometric Wall Safe has a two deadbolt locking system, securing your valuables safely inside. Two removable interior shelves allow for better organization and more space if needed. Set-up and access is easy once the fingerprints are recorded. Beeps alert you when the process is accepted. These beeps can also be turned off for quiet access.

Care and maintenance of your biometric system is easy. As with any scanner, it should be wiped clean of smudges and fingerprints after each use. Every six months, registered fingerprints should be tested. If at any time when the door of the biometric wall safe is closed, three beeps are heard with a red light, this means the batteries are low and should be replaced.

Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe Review

This biometric wall safe comes with all the bells and whistles of security. Made from heavy steel with a scratch resistant powder coating, the safe door is 5 millimeters thick. Two motorized 20 millimeter deadbolts lock this biometric safe tightly. It is also pry-resistant.

The biometric reader stores 32 fingerprints. These fingerprints stay in the system even in the event of battery failure or if the batteries are removed. The biometric system complies with FBI requirements. This heavy duty steel wall safe not only uses a biometric system but also makes use of a 4 digit PIN code with cross-cut keys.

The safe has a fully carpeted interior with a removable shelf for additional space. Key hooks on the inside of the safe door keep spare keys safe. This safe has a built-in interior LED light to see the safe’s contents in the dark. A digital LED keypad displays mode operations and battery status. A four digit PIN code can be inserted with the keypad. This biometric wall safe also has false entry protection as well. Sounds can be turned on or off for silent access. Warning beeps will alert you if the safe is left unlocked.

When it comes to security, the Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe has it all.

Which one will you choose?

Biometric wall safes keep your valuables safe and available when you need them the most.
All three safe models have the best to offer in biometrics and security.

The Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (FW-18142) is great when you only have a few small items you want to store safely at home. It allows the storage of multiple fingerprints and has two emergency override keys included. This safe locks tightly with two deadbolts.

The Barska Biometric Wall Safe is bigger so it had hold more. The biggest feature this one has to offer is the option to be hidden behind a picture, mirror, or even furniture. It also comes with override keys and removable shelves for more storage space. The biometric system can hold up to 120 different fingerprints.

When it comes to security, the best biometric wall safe has to be the Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe. A solid steel safe is not only protected by a biometric system that meets FBI requirements but also has the security option of a four digit PIN code.

So, go ahead and pick the safe model that best suits your needs.

We have given you the reviews for the best biometric wall safes on the market today. Now, you can rest easy in the knowledge that whichever one you choose, you will have the safety and security of a strong biometric system and a sturdy steel safe.