Top 5 Review – Is the Best Biometric Door Lock from Samsung?

Secure your Home or Office with the Best Biometric Door Lock Availiable

Today, as technology is continuing to evolve, we have biometric door locks that not only offer tighter and better security for your home than any traditional door lock ever could, it makes your life so much easier and efficient. No more rummaging through purses, suitcases or knapsacks for that ever illusive house key or forgetting your key inside the house, so read on and learn to pick the best biometric door lock for your needs. The peace of mind you have when you know that all the things most important to you are safe, including your loved ones, while you are away, is priceless. In this day and age, you really can’t afford to be less than careful and below we are comparing five of the best biometric door locks currently on the market today.

The Top 5 Biometric Door Locks being reviewed:

  • SAMSUNG EXON Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230
  • Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 Fingerprint Push Pull Two Way Latch Mortise
  • NEW ADEL LS9 Biometric Fingerprint Password Door Left/Right Handle Keyless Waterproof (Black)
  • SCYAN x7 Fingerprint Keyless Keypad Door Lock
  • iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock For Right Hand Door, Silver

SAMSUNG EXON Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230 Review

This biometric doorlock is the cherry on top when it comes to making your home your own personal castle-fortress and it is clearly a contender for the title of “best biometric door lock”. It allows you and your loved ones to feel secure within your home. It gives an entirely new meaning to the word “safe.” This particular door lock combines both pin and fingerprint access, giving you dual protection to your home. You also have the option of using only the pin feature whenever you have guests or if you have little children at home. However, the fingerprint feature with its heavy-duty sensor and white light technology, allows for that optimum security you really need. The SAMSUNG EXON Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230 has not one but two emergency keys. Its pin feature ranges from 4 to 12 digits, giving you the option of having easy to recall passwords or more complicated ones depending on your preference. Also, the fingerprint features allows for a maximum of a hundred fingerprints to be registered. Now, you can give access to not only your family members but also close friends, relatives, or anyone who frequently visits your home like the house cleaner. The lock is supplied by a 1.5v AA alkaline battery, made up of fiberglass, sealed and encased in plastic, making sure that your door is locked and stays locked for as long as you are out of your house. Overall, it is a well-made piece of technology that provides you with the security you need and should have.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 Fingerprint Push Pull Two Way Latch Mortise

The Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P718 introduces us to a new way of operating doors at home. Aren’t the most conveniently-made doors the ones that push and pull rather than turning a knob? This biometric door lock gives us such a convenience for our own homes. Like most biometric door locks, this one also has the state-of-the-art fingerprint scanning feature. The key pad panel is only accessible when you press the door’s center lock button, which gives you an even greater security when doubled with the fingerprint feature. A good thing with this biometric door lock is that it is able to scan a maximum of a hundred unique fingerprints partnered with your pass-code, giving you double authentication. Of course, when using this double authentication method, the pass-code must be partnered with the fingerprint or else it will not work. Another good feature of this lock is that it has a sensor that will detect motion within a 70 cm range, automatically activating the lock’s “Welcome” feature. It also has a locking notification feature which tells you things as “Locked” or “Unlocked.” It is a simple feature, but very handy when you think about it. The Samsung Digital Door Lock SHSP718 gives you a one-of-a-kind door security management system with its dual authentication, making it virtually impossible for anyone to enter your home if you don’t want them to. An intruder prevention feature is also available and can be accessed with just a single touch – easy for you but very hard for them.

NEW ADEL LS9 Biometric Fingerprint Password Door Left/Right Handle Keyless

The NEW ADEL LS9 is a durable and reliable alternative option for those who are looking for good security but on a more tighter budget. Like I said, affordable doesn’t necessarily have to mean you are compromising on security. With the Adel, you get three unlocking options: biometric, keypad as well as the traditional key-type. It also allows gives more than a hundred unique fingerprints to be registered into its program. You also have the option of having it installed for either right or left-hand opening and it comes completely battery-powered sans wiring. That means, no matter what, your door will remain locked – even if there is a blackout or power outage. Of course, the color range is not very wide, available in either black and/or yellow and may clash with some homes, but it is highly durable and effective as a security feature for your home. Another convenient feature is its “passage mode,” which allows for easier access for guests or relatives who end up visiting. All in all, the NEW ADEL LS9 is a great alternative for you or for anyone who is just starting looking into possible biometric door locks they could purchase – very beginner-friendly.

Review of SCYAN x7 Fingerprint Keyless Keypad Door Lock

Considered as one of the “top choices of fingerprint door locks” to date, it boasts of being both very convenient and secure. You will have none of those “lost-key scenarios “ ever again. Again, boasting of having the most advanced locking technologies via fingerprint, it has the ability of updating user fingerprints automatically. This nifty feature allows for better guaranteed access than other biometric locks. It is totally convenient with its one-touch fingerprint entry because of its highly sensitive sensor. Combined with this, the lock also has the usual, standard 12-digit keypad that allows the user to unlock the door with a pas-code as well. It is also noted that the lock itself is made out of very heavy-duty and reliable material so that you are entirely sure that this lock will not budge and keeps you and your loved ones safe. Also, whenever you are away from your home, you can be certain that your home and everything in it is secure inside. An amazing, good looking alternative for other more high-end brands out there that is able to do the same job as theirs for a more reasonable price.

iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock For Right Hand Door, Silver

The iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock is another good alternative to the more expensive, high-end brands of biometric locks. It is said to be both heavy-duty and effective for users. You can program more than 100 unique fingerprints into its system as well as having not one, but two backup keys in case of an emergency. You will have the option of using the normal, standard pass-codes or the fingerprint scanning. Also, if needed, you will be able to erase fingerprints just as easily as you can add fingerprints into the system. Another very handy feature of this biometric door lock is that is very water resistant. The lock’s sensor is always protected by a sliding cover whenever it is not being used. Whenever the device’s battery is getting low, a warning alert comes on to indicate the need to change the batteries. Many find this option very handy and it keeps your security lock in tip-top shape. It may appear bigger and more robust than some other biometric locks but, when it comes to being effective and reliable don’t doubt its trustworthiness. This lock is absolutely an amazing piece of security technology in its price range.

So which one is the best biometric door lock? The Winner is the Samsung Exon …

When comparing all five products features, you can have a good idea what works well for you. If price is an issue then definitely the ADEL, SCYAN, and iTouchless are more within your range without you having to compromise on your security. However, these items do have their drawbacks as they are limited in some other aspects such as its visual aesthetic quality. These three appear chunkier and more unwieldy compared to the two Samsung biometric locks that offer you a more sleek and stylish design. The SAMSUNG EXON and the Samsung Digital Door Lock, if you look at them, appear as if they would go better at a home residence than the other three which may, to some, be a big factor as to what door lock to choose. In that case, the SAMSUNG EXON and the Samsung Digital Door Lock with its sleek looks paired with its nice and convenient features and state of the art security technology would be the best. The SAMSUNG EXON being the top out of the five and the Samsung Digital Door Lock coming in close second. These products though a bit pricier than the other three, but are worth the extra cash out because of all the features already mentioned above. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to compromise look and wants not only the convenience and security that comes with having a biometric door lock, then choose the SAMSUNG EXON. It is definitely something worth investing in anyway and your peace of mind is far more worth than having a product that you are not fully satisfied with. The SAMSUNG EXON gives you all these features and more and most importantly, it gives you that peace of mind that everything inside your home is safe and secure.

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When it comes to protecting your family, you need a good security system. Biometric locks are the best option for every home. For the protection of you, your family and your belongings, order the best one for your home today!

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